A Jumper for Amy

I’ve embroidered a sweater for Amy Winehouse with all of her tattoos on it in all the right places.



About 9 months ago I heard something about Amy Winehouse having health issues. Then I noticed that Amy Winehouse never seemed to be wearing a lot of clothes in any of the pictures I saw of her. I also noticed that she changed her look very often and looked drastically different from picture to picture. It occurred to me that maybe she felt like she had to wear revealing clothing in order to be recognized by showing off her distinctive tattoos. I found several pictures where it appears that even when she did wear warmer clothing, she was still forced to expose her tattoos.


It seemed very problematic to me that someone who is dealing with health problems would have to expose herself to the elements just because her profession requires her to be publicly recognizable. I realized that if someone were to make her a sweater that displayed her tattoos to the world without exposing her to the elements, then maybe some of her health problems would go away. At the very least it might prevent her from getting a cold.

Here is what Amy Winehouse might look like in the sweater I’ve made for her:


I thought about other ways of making this sweater, but decided that the sweater had to be embroidered by hand so that it would be as unique and distinctive as the tattoos it covers up. It also made sense that the sweater should be embroidered because embroidery is like a tattoo on fabric.

Although this sweater may not be appropriate for a lot of the fancy places that Amy might have to go, but I know she has had problems with paparazzi in the past, so at least maybe sometimes when she is recognized and photographed she can also be warm.


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