Ravenous Apparitions Pizzoetrope Workshop




Ravenous Apparitions was a pizzoetrope workshop and exhibition held at PLY in Manchester, UK. The exhibition consisted of two facsimiles of a vintage animation from The Richard Balzer Collection, which depicts a face with moving eyes and an opening and closing mouth. One was a sculpture of the animation on a pizza, and the other was sourced from 16 different record covers.

Each of the zoetropes reference the process of creating a pizzoetrope; using toppings as the images on a pizza, and using a record player to facilitate the animation. The record covers from which the images for one of the animations came, were displayed on the walls of the space for the duration of the exhibition, along with the zoetropes themselves, which were presented with a motion-activated strobe light and record players.

Attendees of the pizzoetrope workshop learned how to make their own pizzoetrope animation by cutting and gluing together felt slip mat mock-ups, and then recreating their animations with topping on pizzas provided by PLY. The finished pizzoetropes were viewed on record players, by strobe light, then documented as animated GIFs, and finally eaten.

Thanks to PLY and everyone who came out to take part in the workshops!


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