Pizzoetrope Workshop in Manchester, UK

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If you happen to be in Manchester and want to learn to make a Pizzoetrope, then stop by PLY this Thursday for a little workshop I’ll be teaching :)


GRADIENT WIPES limited edition for HANDJOB Gallery // Store

These reusable Swiffer dust mop covers, which were made with a hand-operated, hacked, electronic knitting machine, feature digital patterns based on royalty free gradient wipe video transitions. By effectively removing dust from the surface of your floor, these woolen “Gradient Wipes” can physically transform the square-footage of your living space, just like a video transition wipes between footage.


Gradient Wipes Launch

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Please join us THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 7–9PM to celebrate the launch of the newest HANDJOB Gallery/Store limited edition and window display by artist Andrew Salomone!

The WhiFfy Router


The WhiFfy Router is a homeopathic remedy for blogger burnout and internet addiction that combines the soothing scents of an aromatherapy diffuser with the reassuring presence of your WiFi router’s flickering light. In other words, it’s a hand-built ceramic sculpture of a WiFi router that transmits the calming smell of essential oils using the heat of a candle.

DiyMalls in the Wild

A few people have already made some amazing DiyMall zines of their own. Look out for them on your next domestic flight ;) (more…)

March 30, 2015
DiyMall #3


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Johanna Leech shared this delightful documentation of her interpretation of my “WiFi Nitelite” sketch, which she made for Basic Operation at Catalyst Arts in Belfast.

March 3, 2015


February 26, 2015
DiyMall #2

DiyMall issue #2 is hot off the felt-tipped presses and explains how to make a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat, just like the one featured in the current issue of SkyMall. (more…)