Fluctuations print exchange at Recession Art


I’m participating in a print exchange called Fluctuations opening this Friday, October 11th, at Recession art in Brooklyn. My contribution is a knitted image of a screenshot I took of a royalty free stock image of a folded piece of paper featuring a digital watermark.

folded paper stock photo

knitting the jogging


I did a little performance in my studio over the weekend, in which I selected a recent Jogging post, then converted it into a digital knitting pattern, knitted it, and then tried to disguise myself as it, all the while submitting my progress to Jogging, with mixed results.

An Open-Source Balaclava for Pussy Riot

“we are open-source-extremists, the feminist virus infecting your thoughts.” – Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot supporters around the world have been protesting their imprisonment by donning homemade balaclavas like the ones worn during the performance for which they were arrested. Balaclavas are illegal in some parts of the world, so I created this pattern for the open-source Brother electronic knitting machine hack, so that you can make your own homemade balaclava, with images of the members of Pussy Riot who were arrested displayed on it. Now, anyone who creates these open-source balaclavas can be recognized as a supporter of Pussy Riot and their open-source values.

It’s a completely open source idea, and on our website, when we would document performances, we would show everything; we’d put the text, and we’d even show some of the ways the performance was accomplished, because we are creating this conception of a performance group, hoping that other people across the world can do it in their own countries. The important thing is to diagnose problems in your own country. That being said, we’re open, but we’re not totally open: a group member has to be a female, has to have certain kinds of political views, has to be essentially a like-minded individual with us. -Pussy Riot

For anyone with access to a hacked electronic knitting machine, here is the image I used as the pattern: pussy-riot-final-198

and here’s a video of the balaclava-making process:

Obviously, most Pussy Riot supporters probably don’t have access to an electronic domestic knitting machine, which they’d have to hack in order to created this knitted balaclava, so I put together a tutorial for making a DIY Pussy Riot Balaclava from an old t-shirt and some iron-on transfer paper:

How To Make a Tutorial Video From a Feature Film

Sometimes I notice a perfectly good demonstration of a process in a scene from a feature film. So I made this video, which explains how to make a tutorial video from one of those scenes, and posted it on instructables.

The scenes in this video are from: UHF (1989), Hackers (1995), Evil Dead II (1987), and Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon (1943).


Speed Project approved: http://fffff.at/speed-project/



Thanks to everyone who came out to the studio and the CinemaSunday event, it was a great weekend!

Bushwick Open Studios This Weekend


I’m participating the in the Bushwick Open Studios this weekend. So if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to in there, or if you just wanna have some cheap beer and pretzels, then I think that you should stop by and do that @ 592 Johnson Ave.

Dates & Times
Friday May 31st, 2013, 4pm-7pm
Saturday June 1st, 2013, 12pm-7pm
Sunday June 2nd, 2013, 12pm-7pm

Also, my pizzoetrope video will be featured in the Bushwick Open Studios CinemaSunday event if you wanna check that out: https://www.facebook.com/events/198671370280882/

How To Make A Joseph Merrick Body Pillow Cover

Joseph Merrick died in 1890, but he was better known as The Elephant Man because he had a rare condition that gradually disfigured his bones and skin. His head eventually became so heavy that he had to sleep sitting up, but when his body was found he was lying on a bed and the official cause of death was asphyxia from the weight of his head. The doctor who performed the autopsy concluded that Merrick must have tried to sleep lying down because he wanted to sleep like other people. Joseph Merrick never got to sleep in a bed with another person his entire adult life, so this body pillow is designed to mimic the experience of cuddling him since that’s something he never got to experience.

The fabric of the body pillow cover was produced using a hacked domestic electronic knitting machine, which can knit digital image files. Although the digital technology used to create the design did not exist in Merrick’s time, the type of fabric created with the machine did exist, so this pillow also mimics the type of bedding one would have experienced in his time.

Thanks to Matt Corey, Loren Edrich, and Jess Marvin for helping me out with this project.

The background music is “Cryin'” by The Les Paul Trio, free download here.

Concept and Craft @ Aljira (UPDATE: Rescheduled!)


I’ll be giving a little presentation and chatting with some other artists at an event organized by artist Alyson Pou called Concept and Craft – Hand Made in the 21st Century this Saturday from 2-4 @ Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art

Fountain Jumper


Fountain Jumper, Knitted text on found sweater, 2013

I couldn’t make it to the opening in Ireland last week, so I sent this sweater for Jim Ricks to wear in my absence (the text is partially a reference to an exhibition Jim had a few years ago called “Jim Ricks Woz ‘Ere”)

Wooly Trompe l’oeil


My exhibition in Ireland opened last weekend and I tweeted a picture of my knitted tapestry of The Rubberbandits’ tweet (wearing the balaclavas that I knitted for them) to them, which they graciously retweeted.