We partied like it was 1929!

Here are some pictures from “The Great Depression Marathon Dancing Revival” that happened last weekend at Buoy Gallery:

This picture was on the front page of The Portsmouth Herald last Monday. Here’s a link to the article: “Dancers try to go all night at 1930s-style marathon” (Photo: Scott Yates)

The Great Depression Marathon Dancing Revival

Solo Exhibition, Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME, U.S.A

Photo from the article which appeared on the front page of the Portsmouth Herald (Photo: Scott Yates).

The dance floor I made; dancers could not step outside this during the competition!

The request line from the dance floor to the “DJ booth,” created by Buoy Gallery co-founder Jeremy LeClair.

Homemade remote controlled colored light system (there was a strobe light and a smoke machine as well).

Photos from throughout the night (some photos: Scott Yates).


Press Release:

On Saturday, Nov. 22 get your dancing shoes on, and get ready to move all night. In The Great Depression Marathon Dancing revival, the goal according to organizer Andrew Salomone is to “Spread the wealth around!”
He says, “Celebrate the U.S. financial crisis at The Great Depression Marathon Dancing Revival at The Buoy (formerly The S.P.A.C.E.), 2 Government St., Kittery, Maine.” Participants will boogie in an endurance dancing competition for a chance to win the big cash prize in this winner-take-all no-holds-barred old fashioned dance off. There will be coffee, contests, “fabulous” prizes, and eclectic sounds. There’s a $15 entry fee for couples; $10 for those enterting as individuals. Prize money will be determined by how many people enter and the sum of the entry fees received, competition kicks off at 8 p.m.