Two-Person Exhibition in Ireland


“The Son of the Man who Saves the World” is a two-person exhibition featuring works that playfully engage with notions of authorship, collaboration, derivative work, and pizza by Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone.

Despite having not worked directly together since 2006, both Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone have pursued similar art practices after attending the Burren College of Art Masters programme. That is, they both use equal parts humour, approximation, and appropriation to create work and have much in common as artists making their own highly fallible versions of things.

By coincidence, they both applied, separately, to work with the Courthouse Gallery many years ago. About 3 years ago they were both contacted to have a two person show. It was unbeknownst to the Gallery they knew each other, so they were both delighted to accept.

They decided to work in tandem to create the exhibition, each expressing his own practice, yet responding to one another. The title is a translation of the sequel to a Turkish film more commonly know as Turkish Star Wars. The film used, without permission, the battle scenes from Star Wars in a completely unrelated way to fit their own narrative, which is not unlike the way that Jim Ricks and Andrew Salomone each make their own work.

Ricks will be producing an idea Salomone came up with in 2006. Andrew has no recollection of this idea. It will be a series of paintings that are reproductions of artwork found in the Simpson’s TV series. This builds off Ricks’ own interest in institutional critique and epistemology. Salomone will be creating works from his studio in Brooklyn, NY and taking into consideration the distance both between himself and the show. Works in development are the latest in a series of conceptualist pizza deliveries, and significantly utilising a hacked knitting machine to create Rubber Bandits wool balaclavas, a custom made jumper to be worn the opening night, and a range of other knitted wears. He will also include video and photo documentation of previous works.

Jim Ricks earned his MFA from the National University of Ireland, Galway/Burren College of Art programme and received his BFA from the CaliforniaCollege of the Arts. He has exhibited numerous solo and group shows throughout Ireland and internationally. Originally from California, he has lived in Ireland for nearly 8 years and currently has a studio in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. He has an upcoming solo show at The Hugh Lane Dublin City Gallery.

Originally from Southern California, Andrew Salomone received an MFA from the National University of Ireland and has exhibited throughout the Republic of Ireland. He’s lectured on internet art practice at Parsons the NewSchool for Design and his work has been featured on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ as well as several art and technology websites, including: boing boing, Gizmodo, The Guardian, and Makezine. Andrew currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

balaclavas for the bandits


The Rubberbandits posted this image of themselves wearing the balaclavas that I made for them. I shipped the balaclavas well over 2 months ago, but they were presumed to be lost in the post, so I’m delighted that these finally made it to the boys.