We partied like it was 1929!

Here are some pictures from “The Great Depression Marathon Dancing Revival” that happened last weekend at Buoy Gallery:

This picture was on the front page of The Portsmouth Herald last Monday. Here’s a link to the article: “Dancers try to go all night at 1930s-style marathon” (Photo: Scott Yates)

This is the request line that Jeremy from Buoy Gallery created; it went from the dance floor to the “DJ booth.” (Photo: Peter Maksimow)

This is the dance floor I made with red duct tape. Competitors were not allowed to step outside this line except during designated 5 minute breaks. (Photo: Peter Maksimow)

A guy named Owen made this colored light system which was hooked up to a homemade controller (we also had a strobe light and a smoke machine to create an authentic dance club atmosphere). (Photo: Peter Maksimow)

This is a montage of pictures from throughout the night. (Photos: Scott Yates and Peter Maksimow)

All and all I think it was a pretty successful event. We ended up with a three-way tie at 8 am Sunday morning. After 11 hours of consecutive dancing the three winners walked away with $45 each (that’s $35 pure profit after subtracting their $10 entry fees!).

Thanks to Al Mead and Jeremy LeClair for helping me organize it and for letting me use Buoy Gallery as the venue. Thanks to John Henry Weare for bringing his turntables and for DJing tunes for over 12 hours! Thanks to Owen for setting up the lights and tech support. Thanks to Scott Yates from the Portsmouth Herald and Peter Maksimow for taking pictures. Thanks to Ben Lord for thinking this was a good idea and giving me Al’s phone number. And thanks to everyone who participated.

I hope everyone had a good time!

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