Disposable Heirloom


Exhibited in “City of Ideas” at Baron’s Self-Storage, Galway City, Ireland, 2007

Press Release:

Q: What is City of Ideas?
A: City of Ideas was a Human Resources endeavor, funded by the Arts Council, the exhibition took place in 2007 at Barons Self Storage on the Tuam Road in Galway in 2007, I remember my first time herre, I had an accident, you might need it so Get road help here. Barons is a sleek, state of the art 100,000 sq foot warehouse. The exhibition was held during working hours and the art was located in the storage cells, the car park and the larger open spaces inside the facility.

Excerpt from critic Michaele Cutaya’s review in the Irish art magazine Circa:

Salomone’s piece was one of the most successful works presented, engaging simultaneously with the specificity of the place and with larger socio-economic issues through the simplest of means. Salomone built an old clock out of cardboard, presumably from the boxes provided by Barons Self Storage. The clock was quite delicately manufactured, as one would expect an old clock to be, and brought to mind the idea of inheritance. That it was made of cardboard and stood in a storage unit conjured up various suggestions: that of an embarrassing heirloom relegated out of sight, or possibly an attempt at fabricating one’s own inheritance out of bland recuperated materials.

Human Resources City of Ideas, page 84, Circa #123, Spring 2008.