how haroled the Moose became a fire fighter

Once there was a Moose his name was Haroled. Haroled was faster than other ordinary moose so he liked to prance and dance but his speed was not useful. It just made him sad, all the other moose were jelles so they did not wont to play with him. They said that he was a Loosaw! Poor Haroled he seems to be deprest because everyone egnored him. The thing that Haroled wanted most was to be cheif of the moose fire fighting team. But to be on that team you have to help out the team in puting out fires. But Haroled was to quik he would always mess up. Untill one day when his fire fighting carear all started and he saved the cheif of the moose fire fighting squade and did C.P.R. One day some gang called the hoof smashers where smoking when they throue there sigaret buts on the ground one guy forgot to to step on his siguret but and smother it. This is how the fire started it lit some brush someone smelled it and called the fire fighters the cheif was the first one there and he got in the middle of it on accesedint nowone else was there exsept for harold by the time the fire fighters got there the fire had spread clear in a sircle around the fire chief (he was preatty scard!) now haroled would also jump high and far nowone could get into the cheif. Untill someone yelled where’s haroled he can jump in and get the cheif out when Haroled hered this he said to himself “Haroled this your only chance to be a fire fighter! take it and don’t mess up!” So Haroled baked up braded himself for jumping adn off he went. Galeping gracefuly and quikly to the chiefes aid then voom! he jumped into the air and soard steadly over the fire and landed by the chief he grabed on to the cheif and said hold on he backed up and ran and jump he glided gracefuly but quikly though the air over the fire to safe grounds. “Thanks” said the cheif. “I really appreceate it, your a Hero!” “You should get a medal!” said Haroled’s brother Eddie. “Ya know, your rite” said the chief “Haroled you should get a metal.” “No” said Haroled “what I really want is to be a moose fire fighter.” “Well” said the cheif “you can get both a medal and become a fire fighter althow you do have to go through traning but you are still going to be a fire fighter.” “OH!” “really” said Harold. “Oh this is so exiting.” “did you hear that mom I’m going to be a fire fighter!” “now now dont get to exited you have to go to fire fighter traning.” said his mom. “oh ya” then Haroled galoped of to tell the others the big news. “yaw know what” said the fire chief to Harolds mom “I think that haroled will make a fine fire man” “I agree” said harolds mom. And that is how harold the moose became a fire fighter.


I found this story in an old notebook in my parent’s house. I dunno when I wrote it or if I am even the one who did. I like how haroled only decides to save the fire chief when he realizes that he can get something out of it for himself.


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    Nice story. Pretty weird.

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