Group exhibition curated by Andrew Salomone, The White Room Gallery, Galway City, Ireland, 2008


Exhibition Press Release:

tril-o-gies: 1. Groups of three works of art by the same author that are related in subject or theme, such as three ancient Greek tragedies written to be viewed in immediate succession. Star Wars, Evil Dead, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are examples of trilogies in films. 2. A group exhibition featuring works produced in sets of three, opening in The White Room Gallery on the 18th of January. 3. Some other third thing.

Curated by Andrew Salomone, ‘tril-o-gies’ is a group exhibition that focuses on the quirky similarities between works of art produced in groups of three as a traditional method of presenting a subject or theme, and how the trilogy format has become an increasingly common business strategy for selling entertainment, such as big budget films. Artists featured in this exhibition include: Sally Timmons, Kevin Roddy, Helena O’Connor, Nicky Larkin, Brian Kelly, Austin Ivers, Emma Houlihan, Johnny Fitzsimons, Loren Erdrich, Carol Anne Connolly. This exhibition presents different ways that these various contemporary artists have used the trilogy format in their own practices. ‘tril-o-gies’ opens at 7 pm on Friday the 18th of January at The White Room Gallery.