Identity-Preserving Balaclava (all the warmth and none of the anonymity!)


I’ve got a piece featured on the Instructables website today.

Here’s an excerpt from my instructable:

It’s pretty easy to wear warm clothes on just about every part of your body except for your face. As far as I can tell, the main reason that cold-weather facial attire is somewhat socially taboo is because it generally obscures the identity of the person wearing it. Despite all of the progress our society has made towards accepting and treating all people fairly, we are still yet to escape the notion that a person in a balaclava (or ski mask) is generally up to no good. The “Identity Preserving Balaclava” is my solution to the social stigma associated with the identity concealing effect of the average balaclava.

Click here to check out the “Identity Preseving Balaclava” on the Instructables website.