The portrait of Bill Cosby made out of JELL-O shots went off without a hitch last night at Buoy Gallery. Here are a few pictures of what went down:




Once the portrait was finished and open for consumption things took an unexpected turn as participants in the exhibition started to rearrange the JELL-O shots to see how Bill Cosby would look if, for instance, he had a doobie in his mouth and a ponytail or if he spontaneously turned into pacman.

Here’s a slide show I made with a time lapse of Bill’s JELL-O shot transformations:

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this project, especially Al from Buoy Gallery, Mike from the Music Hall, and Raj from Tulsi (who let me use his kitchen and refrigerator to make the JELL-O shots).


Interviews I did about the show:

The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research (you have to scroll down a little)
The Wire
The Portsmouth Herald

Here’s the press release for the exhibition:

You’re invited to “JELL-O HEAD,” an exhibition by Andrew Salomone featuring a portrait of Bill Cosby made from approximately 1,000 JELL-O shots. The exhibition will take place on Bill Cosby’s birthday, Sunday July 12th, starting around 4 pm, at Buoy Gallery. The audience is invited to enjoy the exhibition as they consume it and are welcome to as many JELL-O shots as they wish (over 21s only). Plans have also been made to broadcast the event live over the internet so that viewers at home can witness the gradual destruction of Bill Cosby‘s likeness and possibly some of the audience member‘s sobriety (the title of the exhibition is a reference to both its content and the mental state of some of the audience members on the following morning).

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