Press release:

You’re invited to “JELL-O HEAD,” an exhibition by Andrew Salomone featuring a portrait of Bill Cosby made from approximately 1,000 JELL-O shots. The audience is invited to enjoy the exhibition as they consume it and are welcome to as many JELL-O shots as they wish (over 21s only). Come witness the gradual destruction of Bill Cosby‘s likeness and possibly some of the audience member’s sobriety, as the title of the exhibition is a reference to both the medium and the mental state of some of the audience members on the following morning.



Time lapse of Bill’s JELL-O shot transformations:

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this project, especially Al from Buoy Gallery, Mike from the Music Hall, and Raj from Tulsi (who let me use his kitchen and refrigerator to make the JELL-O shots).


The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research (you have to scroll down a little)
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