Machine Knit Identity-Preserving Balaclava


Photo: Becky Stern

About two years ago I invented a way to keep my face warm without hiding it with my Identity Preserving Balaclava. Now I’ve updated my original idea, with the help of Becky Stern‘s hacked Brother KH-930e Knitting Machine, and made this Machine Knit Idenity-Preserving Balaclava.



The balaclava is knit from cotton yarn and the design is from a bitmap file, in which pictures of my head from every angle were photoshopped together into a single rectangular image. I used the same images to make the bitmap file as I did for the original ID-Preserving Balaclava project.

Several different versions of the design were knit before I had one that I was happy with.

And this is what it looks like from the back.


Photo: Becky Stern


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